Translation – a personal service provided by a professional

Still today, translation continues to be a highly personalised service, one best left to a professional – instead of just any (bilingual) employee or colleague, or even a computer program (no matter how “artificially” intelligent it is claimed to be). Trust a highly qualified and certified professional, with more than 25 years’ experience, to take care of your translation needs. You are ensured the best translation possible, meeting the highest quality standards.

Expert services

  • Revision, editing or re-writing of supplied texts
  • Style-conscious wording and intensive research of terminology (incl. glossaries)
  • Management of translation projects (incl. multilingual projects in 3+ languages)
  • Computer-assisted translation and consistent integration of databases for specially managing client translations (i.e. using translation memories or TMs such as memoQ, Trados or Across), ensures consistent rendition and terminology while reducing costs
  • Quality assurance to the ISO 17100 quality standard, including independent revision by a specialist
  • Lossless rendition of all common document formats (e.g. MS Office, HTML, CMS, InDesign and other DTP formats, and even source code comments), with identical target-language layout

Language combinations

  • Source languages: German, English, French
  • Target languages: English, German
  • Other languages:
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Your advantages

  • 100% skilled professional – the highest quality standards, from research to final revision
  • 100% bilingual with extensive research experience – 25 years’ experience in translating and crafting languages, proven trusted quality
  • 100% reliable, including independent revision – quality assurance and confidentiality in accordance with the ISO 17100 standard

Consecutive interpreting

Oral translation in succession of statements made by speakers at presentations and during discussions. This service is available for events, presentations and meetings in Austria and neighbouring countries.

Areas of specialty

Proven expertise and references in the fields listed below:
Information and communications technology
Mobile communications technologies (including 5G), network and database technology (Oracle, Microsoft and SAP), RFID
Migration and social policy
Expert reports, funding requests, legislation (Austrian and EU)
Economics and economic policy
Economic analyses and forecasts (German economic research institute), financial market and telecoms market regulation
Research and technology
Biogenetics, environmental technology, transport systems, energy technology (wind power, smart grids), e-mobility, natural science in schools (upper secondary level)
Art, art history and architecture
UNESCO world cultural heritage in Austria (Wachau) and Germany; publications on topics including: Stiftung Zollverein, Venus von Willendorf Museum, Dürnstein Castle, Karl-Marx-Hof Vienna, Gustav Mahler, Modest Mussorgsky
Gastronomy and tourism
Wine production and marketing; hotel industry; spas and wellness
Journal articles in religious studies, religious and spiritual literature