Translation is more

Are you looking for just the right translator?
Are you looking for a translator who will not simply render your content properly, but an expert with a sense of the idiosyncrasies of the target language and culture, who has the ability to combine a feel for language with expert knowledge?
If you are not satisfied with just any native speaker or a machine translation, then read on…


Bridging cultures

A native of Canada with German as an additional first language, a citizen of Austria since 1995, university studies in Canada, the US, Germany and Austria – all his life Dr Robert Schlarb has been a bi-cultural personality and intermediary between the German and English-speaking worlds.
During his career as a language trainer, at highly regarded institutions such as Berlitz, and as a management coach, as well as in a professional translation career spanning more than 25 years, Dr Schlarb has supported countless people and companies in getting heard, read and understood in another language…


Satisfied customers – the best recommendation

Translation is a personal service, where trust and professional expertise play a key role and where only satisfied customers ensure continued success…